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“How much more productivity could your company have, if you knew how to motivate YOUR staff?”

Let have a couple of moving pics about work !!!

  • Is your job getting in the way of your home life?
  • Are your staff working to their strengths?
  • Would you like to get an increase of 38% Higher productivity from your staff?
  • Would you like an 50% higher employee retention?
  • Are your staff getting enough sleep at night to function at work properly?
  • Do you have communication issues between your staff and you at work?
  • Do you know how to motivate your staff?
  • Do your staff take a lot of sick days off?

If yes to any of the above or other issues, then call today to arrange our free consultation, to help you

“Improved psychological wellbeing (PWB) leads to a more productive and successful workplace. The case has been proven in academic studies over the last ten years.”

“Those were the words of Ivan Robertson”

How would your organisation be different if the focus of management was on enabling your people to feel good about themselves – happy, valued and motivated?

In today’s economic landscape, it’s very important for companies to have happy and productive employees. When employees are loyal and engaged in the company, profits are higher.

Conversely, when people feel unmotivated or undervalued, the company suffers. Additionally, studies show that engaged employees miss less work, perform better, and are more supportive of changes and willing to make them happen.

Happy employees are also satisfied and feel a sense of accomplishment in their work. They like themselves and what they do, and they find satisfaction from their work – a sense that what they do is important and meaningful. Such feelings reduce stress, which is a major factor of productivity.

So, if the workplace is stressful and/or painful things are happening, such as “back-stabbing” and gossiping, employees’ production goes down.

In order to make your workplace one where happiness and productivity thrive, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Be a “good” employer
  2. Help employees to feel valued
  3. Create a productive atmosphere
  4. Get people involved

Why use Chris Barton Coaching:

  • We will give your team the peace of mind that they can discuss personal or work-related issues which may be impacting their performance
  • We will help your employees feel empowered, motivated and able to move forward to reach their goals more quickly.
  • Run health and wellness workshops/sessions
  • Carry out DiSC analysis assessments
  • Set up health and wellness at work programmes
  • Reduce work place stress
  • Work / Life Balance