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Fear is a powerful and primitive human emotion. It alerts us to the presence of danger, and it was critical in keeping our ancestors alive.

Fear can be divided into two responses, Biochemical and Emotional. The biochemical response is universal, while the emotional response is highly individual. 

Biochemical Reaction
Fear is a natural emotion and also a survival mechanism. When we are confronted with a perceived threat our bodies respond is specific ways which are known as the 'fight or flight' response as our bodies prepare to either enter combat or run away. These reactions have been with us since our 'caveman days' and are an automatic response that is crucial to our survival. The physical reactions to fear include increased heart rate, high adrenaline levels that heighten our alertness and sweating.

Emotional Response
The emotional response to fear is highly individual because fear involves chemical reactions in our brains in the same way that positive emotions such as happiness and excitement. While some individuals enjoy or even thrive on fear inducing situations (adrenaline junkies) others have a negative reaction to the feelings invoked by fear so will avoid fear inducing situations at all costs; so although the physical reaction is the same, fear may be perceived as either positive or negative depending on the person.

Chris Barton - Fear

Many people experience occasional bouts of fear, such as when giving a high-stakes presentation, or feelings of "nerves," such as going on a first date. But when a fear is persistent, specific to certain threat, and impairs one’s life or growth, that person might have what’s called a phobia.

Causes of Fear

Fear is incredibly complex, some fears may represent a fear of something such as a loss of control while others may be a result of experiences or trauma and then there are other fears that may occur due to the physical symptoms that are felt by the individual such as dizziness and feeling sick

How to Overcome Fear

While Fear is a vital response to physical or emotional danger that has been pivotal during our evolution and survival - i.e. if we didn't feel fear we would not have been able to protect ourselves, it can become an issue when if it starts to disrupt or take over you life.  This is where Chris Barton Coaching can help you by working through the fears and the triggers and teaching you techniques to cope with the physical and emotional reactions to fear that is preventing you from getting on with everyday life. Please get in touch now!

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