What is Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy uses guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance.

While under hypnosis, your attention is so focused that anything going on around you is temporarily blocked or ignored and you can focus your attention on the specific thoughts or tasks that we are dealing with in your session. Hypnotherapy can be an effective method for coping with stress and anxiety and can be used for: 

  • Pain control
  • Behaviour change 
  • Mental health conditions
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Phobias
Chris Barton - Hypnotherapy

How Does Hypnosis Work?
The hypnotic state allows you to explore painful thoughts, feelings and memories you might have hidden from your concious mind that is affecting you and your behaviour; it can also be used to enable you to perceive some things differently such as blocking an awareness of pain or help you overcome habits. It is usually used in one of two ways: 

Suggestion therapy: A hypnotic state will make you better able to respond to suggestions and in this way can change certain behaviours such as stopping smoking or nail biting and can also be used to help you change perceptions such as when dealing with anxieties, phobias or stress. 

Analysis therapy: Using this approach I can explore the psychological root of a problem - i.e. phobia, behaviour etc. where a traumatic event in the past could be hidden in your unconcious memore and once the trauma or event is revealed, I can then work with you to change or deal with this for your required results. 

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