Ten things to Keep your Energetic Vibration High and your Heart Open in Social Isolation

Let’s be honest, it’s not always easy to stay in that high vibrational place, especially at the moment.

Life happens and it can throw us off our path, it can make us question everything we’ve ever believed and sometimes we can feel ourselves spiralling into negativity. We know we can’t control other people and their words and actions, but boy these things can leave an impact!

So let me offer some suggestions in terms of how you can keep your energetic vibration high and your heart open, even when you’re feeling flat, you want to chuck in the towel and you’re fed up with everyone else’s nonsense. Pick the ones that resonate and leave the rest.

Personally I think it’s a good idea to try the things that feel easy to incorporate into your life, then you’re more likely to commit to it and do it.

  1. De-clutter and get organised, this always brings a fresh energy to things. Clear out the old to get ready for the new once we are out of lockdown. Get the windows open and let the fresh air in. Burn some incense, sage or Palo Santo around your home and set the intention of clearing out the old negative energy.
  2. Keep a gratitude journal – we can’t be in a place of negativity and positivity at the same time. Writing in our journal, or thinking happy thoughts, keeps our vibe high. It also reminds us of how much we have to be grateful for.
  3. Write about your ideal day journal as if it has already happened. Imagine what you would do, who would be there and how it would feel like. Really allow yourself to get lost in the feelings, emotions and your thought.
  4. Listen to upbeat music that makes you feel happy and like dancing. Cheesy tunes work best for me, they’re just so fun. Create a play list and have it on your phone. That way you can listen to it where ever you are and when you need a boost. It’s all about changing your state and music helps us to do this.
  5. Meditation – whether you prefer guided meditation, spa music or simply sitting in silence, take some time to connect with yourself again. Meditation helps us to slow down and be present and this is where all the magic is. I have A relaxation meditation on YouTube that you can listen to – click here to access
  6. Watch funny films – there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh. Get some recommendations from friends and just binge on Netflix.
  7. Do things that make you feel good. If you enjoy working out and getting the endorphins going then find a video online to follow, or go for a run. If you prefer to be around nature to recharge or get grounded, then go for a walk in the park, forest or along the beach – embrace those negative ions and breathe in some clean fresh air. If you prefer to sink into a bubble bath with a good book do that. This is about what feels good to you.
  8. Go and buy a crystal and carry one with you that keeps your heart open and your spirits high.
  9. Spend time with people (on-line at the moment!) that inspire you. We all have people in our life who make us feel so motivated and inspired. Book in some time with them and just go and have some fun. Connection is so important, because it helps us to feel supported, heard and accepted. When we feel valued our energetic vibration increases.
  10. Treat yourself to a treatment or healing session. While you may not be able to attend your usual in person sessions right now. how about a remote energy healing session?

We can have a free 30 minutes discovery session together, where I will take you into a relaxed state via guided meditation and work on your energy….

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