12 Week Weight Management Programme

Have you tried dieting only to 'cheat' or give up after a couple of weeks? This is because diets usually involve 'depriving' yourself of certain foods in order to lose weight and even if you are successful and  reach your goal, you find that you return to your 'old' eating habits and the weight goes back on. 

Most of us 'overeat' the wrong foods due to emotional reasons or out of habit, or quite simply to feed a craving, so the more you deprive yourself of these foods, the more you want them; or maybe it is out of boredom or comfort eating when you are feeling stressed. 

Whatever the reason, I can help you! 

Using a mixture of therapies, we will work together to empower you to find your personal blocks that are preventing you from losing weight and overcome your emotional eating or craving the wrong foods. 

Contact me now for your FREE 30 minute consultation and then we can get started on your personal 12 week weight management plan and banish all of your old habits so you can say 'hello' to the new you. 

Chris Barton - Weight Management

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