Taking care of your Spirit
Spirituality has different meanings for different people, often influenced by the ideologies you grew up with.

Perhaps your concept of spirituality is experienced in nature, in one another, or within oneself. It could be through art, music, and dance. Ultimately, it can be anything that is meaningful and kindles a sense of sacredness, even if only felt by you.

Spirituality is a personal practice. No matter what path is chosen, they all converge upon something you desire on some level—the need for connection, purpose, and happiness.

I am an Angelic and Ushi Reiki Master and Akashic Records Practitioner and use these methods to help you spiritually.  

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Chris Barton - Spirit


"I had an Akashic record reading with Chris on Wednesday. He put me at ease straight away, i thoroughly enjoyed it. The reading was very insightful , I asked 5 questions, the Ascended masters and angels answered them With Clarity and love. I can highly recommend Chris - Thank you Chris 😇"

Anne Elizabeth Woodcock

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