What is Human Behaviour Coaching?

Human Behaviour Coaching helps our client’s in the UK & Worldwide both on an individual and corporate organisations through life changes, challenges, awakenings and to achieve their goals though lasting change.

Human Behaviour Coaching emphasizes generative behavioral change, concentrating on strengthening, self-identify and values, and
bringing new or reframed vision and goals into practical, achievable reality.

Human Behaviour Coaching involves helping people effectively achieve outcomes on a 4 level approach of transformation (Emotional, Mental, Behavioral & Spiritual), as people we are all multi-dimensional.

Working on just ONE level will not bring full transformation change/results

First Level: Emotional – we have to look “Holistically”

The aim here is for us to make it okay for our client’s to be vulnerable

Second Level: Mental – This is about the Beliefs, Values, Habits and Stories we create

“3-5% Consciously vs 95% Unconsciously Driven”

This is where a lot of negative thoughts are present.
"You are only limited by your beliefs"

Third Level: Behavioural – “Reaction vs Responsive” – we act out of Fear

Here is where we work on changing actions

Fourth Level: Spiritual – Opening up to the fact that we are all spiritual

This is where we look for Miracles, and for change in perceptions.

Human Behaviour Coaching

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